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Crypto Money Era "How Do You Buy Your Property?"

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Crypto Money Era "How Do You Buy Your Property?"

What the age of technology has brought, has now begun to spread rapidly to all areas of our lives. With cryptocurrencies reaching billions of dollars in total market capitalization, they are now actively used as an alternative payment method in travel, food, it, automotive and even real estate sectors.

Interest in cryptocurrencies, which are closely followed by many corporate companies around the world, is also growing rapidly from Turkey. In our country, which is one of the most preferred countries in Europe for housing investment and sold housing to approximately 40 thousand foreigners in 2018, in addition to BTC (Bitcoin), Ripple (XPR), Etherium (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold ( BTG), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT) and Stellar (XLM) are accepted. Stating that they carried out 9 real estate sales with BTC in 2018, Tekçe Overseas Chairman Bayram Tekçe said, “Transactions such as money transfers between accounts thanks to payment with cryptocurrencies are carried out more reliably and quickly without loss of exchange. For those who want to buy real estate is very advantageous. By investing in a country that is rapidly increasing its value, especially in housing, such as Turkey, investors can attract their investments to a more risk-free and safe area and quickly fold their savings."he evaluates it.

Crypto money is a currency that is not managed by any organization, although central governments are skeptical, but today it is adopted and used by millions of people. The crypto money, which has reached a volume of 350 billion dollars in the world, has not yet received the necessary acceptance in real money markets. However, it is believed that as the possibilities to easily receive and make payments develop, as people adopt and use this convenience, crypto money markets will develop, and even international trade will be made with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto currencies, which are defined as the trading tool of the future, seem to enter our lives more and more in the coming years.

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