Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, which enthrones the hearts of thousands of tourists every year with its deep blue sea, fine sand and awesome atmosphere, starts from the west side of the historical Alanya peninsula and has a length of 2 km. It is possible to watch fish and the natural beauty of the seabed while swimming with goggles on Cleopatra, a blue flag beach. You can guess the name of this rare beach, which is located right on the skirts of Alanya Castle, named after the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who lived between BC. 69 and BC 30 years. Let's take a look at the story;

According to the legend, the famous Roman General Antonius gifted Alanya District and its surroundings to his lover Queen Cleopatra. The Romans, who dominated the Mediterranean at that time, gave the management of this region to Antonius after the death of Caesar. The beauty of the legendary Egyptian Queen Cleopatra stops her journey to swim in Cleopatra Beach because she is very impressed by the beauty of the beach in her Mediterranean journey. Here they meet Antonius. The moment they see each other, Cleopatra and Antonius get married, under the spell of love. He gives Coracesium (Alanya) to Cleopatra as a sign of his love and as a wedding gift because Cleopatra admired this beach. Cleopatra comes to this beach every day to take a bath and swim from her castle. She is even said to have built a secret tunnel between her castle and this beach for easy access to the beach. It is known that Alanya, whose name was Coracesium at that time, cut cedar and pine trees that stretched to the coastline and carried it to Egypt to be used for shipbuilding for its navy.

The end of our story is a bit sad; Unable to take the happy life of Cleopatra and Antonius, Oktavius declares war. Meanwhile, Cleopatra and Antonius are in Greece. Two lovers, who are attacked here, escape to Alexandria. The lovers, realizing that they will be caught, commit suicide one after another.

From this sad ending to the present; It is an immaculate Cleopatra beach with a blue flag that fascinates many people every year with its story and beauty, and ranks 22nd among European beaches. Do not forget to sunbathe on the white sand and enjoy the clear blue sea during your holiday in Alanya.

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