During the epidemic, where we learned to live individually away from socialization, most of our habits changed. This process deeply affected both working life and holiday choices. The demand for summer villas and detached houses increased as the accommodation choice shifted towards more individual alternatives rather than large hotels last summer, which was dominated by the pandemic.

Especially families with children chose a private home holiday, while those who chose to work remotely started to prefer accommodation alternatives away from the crowd. This situation also greatly affected the sales of villas. Those who are considering buying real estate have started to change their preferences into detached houses and villas.

Considering factors such as, the mild weather conditions in Alanya, the fact that it is a safe harbor during the pandemic and the housing prices are considered reasonable for foreign buyers, it has been observed that investment in real estate in Alanya has also increased.

This is the reason why the real estate sector has gradually revived, unlike many other industries during the epidemic period. Recently, it has been observed that there has been a significant increase in the sales of villas in Alanya, where Iranian, Russian and German citizens prefer to buy real estate. Previously, houses near the sea or near the city center were always preferred, but after the epidemic, the demand for detached areas or villa structures towards the forests, especially in the upper parts of the city, has increased. The buildings in Alanya's areas far from the city center, close to rural areas, with sea, castle or mountain and forest views started to be preferred more. Foreign citizens are interested in buildings with gardens, where they can be comfortable as a family, and where they can live more isolated and healthy away from the crowd.

This demand is expected to increase in the upcoming period. Due to the obligation to learn to live with the epidemic and to protect ourselves at the maximum level, it is thought that more individual areas will be preferred in holiday or living space choices in Alanya, regardless of local and foreign outcomers.

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