Some people who call it Külüklü, and some call it Hülüklü ... Regardless of its name, "Gülüklü Soup", a soup with a registered geographical indication, is indispensable for Alanya wedding meals. It is a healthy and very popular soup that is rich in ingredients and has the consistency of a main course. So what is the story of this soup?

This soup, which is often preferred in traditional wedding meals, mawlids, funeral ceremonies and invitations, and the indispensable dish of Alanya home weddings for many years, was especially given to the bride and groom, and even it was sent to their homes so that they would not stay hungry on the wedding night. In the old days, to tease single boys and girls, they used to say 'When are we going to drink your soup?' And they joked. This soup they are talking about is gülüklü soup. The soup, which was made with tripe in the past, was later added to chicken.

Today, pleasant conversation environments are established during the preparation of the meatballs in the gülüklü soup, which is prepared to be served to all guests attending weddings, and the ladies add hand flavors to the meatballs by telling each other their memories from their weddings. Soups served in pots at weddings are consumed with pleasure by squeezing plenty of lemons.

The preparation of this soup, which is one of the indispensable flavors of Alanya cuisine, also requires a lot of effort. The word 'gülük' in its name is given to the lean spart of ground beef. This ground beef is rolled in the shape of a marble and forms the main ingredient of the soup. Meatballs are added to tomato paste roasted with butter and olive oil. Then, bone broth is added to the pot along with boiled chickpeas and chicken pieces. The final process is completed with the addition of pre-soaked rice. The delicious smell of the gülüklü soup that is left to boil begins to surround the environment in which it is cooked. With the addition of spices and lemon juice, which are indispensable for a soup, the soup becomes ready to drink.

This soup, which first-time tasters do not make sense to have so much material with red and white meat in it, but they also like it so much, it is both rich in nutritional values and satisfying. It can be a meal alone.

You can taste the güüklü soup in the restaurants in Alanya where local flavors are served. If you happen to pass in Alanya, do not miss this soup, which attracts attention with its name and story.

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