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Why Do They Prefer Turkey?

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Why Do They Prefer Turkey?

Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (GİGDER) with AGS Global evaluated foreign investors with the research it conducted. In the report "Competition and Inspiration: The Future of the Export Oriented Rethinking Foreign Real Estate Investment in Turkey", housing sales has grown 16.3 percent in Turkey between the years 2015-2020. The rate of housing sales to foreigners, which was 1.7 percent in 2015, increased to 2.7 percent at the end of 2020. According to the report; When buying real estate in Turkey and Jordanian’s priority is investment and citizenship, the priority of Russian is short-term vacation and retirement, while the British prefer to build lasting life and education.

First Place Investment, Second Place Holiday

According to a study conducted with a total of 410 international investors from 48 different countries with a real estate investment history in 12 cities of Turkey, investment comes with 45.4 percent at the beginning of the reasons for foreigners to buy real estate from Turkey. Investment is followed by short-term vacation with 30.5 percent, permanent life with 27.8 percent, citizenship with 27.6 percent, and retirement with 23.7 percent.

Half Of Brits Are Permanent

Considering the reasons for investment by country, it is seen that Jordanian citizens buy real estate from Turkey for investment purposes with 89.5 percent and to obtain citizenship with 84.2 percent. The aim of Russians is short-term holidays with 76.5 percent and retirement with 35.3 percent, while UK citizens buy real estate for the purpose of creating a permanent life with 50 percent and education with 25 percent. The study shows Iranians with 46.2 percent of residence permits and 23.1 percent of countries buying real estate for commercial reasons.

Istanbul First, Antalya Second

According to the ranking of the distribution of real estate received by foreign investors in the provinces, Istanbul ranks first with 61 percent, followed by Antalya with 27.4 percent. Yenievim Chairman Ismail Çalış, who said that our country is in an attractive position for housing investment, regarding home purchase models that fit every budget, said: “We have been producing the most appropriate purchasing solutions in the housing market since 1985. With our branches serving in seven regions of Turkey, we offer various payment alternatives so that everyone who wants to do so does not have financial concerns when buying a house without down payment, without credit and without interest from wherever they want. Our priority is always the happiness and satisfaction of our customers in our system, where those who want to be homeowners decide for themselves the payment plan."he made his assessment.

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