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Why Property Owners Like Alanya

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Why Property Owners Like Alanya

Buying Property in Alanya

Over the last decade, Alanya rose to become a dominant player in the Turkish market. Once overshadowed by the main town centre of Antalya, the property portfolio is now all encompassing and the region can stand tall and proud as a prominent centre of importance.

What is even more enticing is the price of apartments and villas. A high supply of properties and land suitable for building, have kept costs per square meter down, therefore ensuring Alanya offers some of the best value real estate in Turkey. Currently, this is an extra bonus as the exchange rate ensures foreigners get more Turkish lira for their home currency.

As the region has grown, so have facilities and amenities, so residents really do have everything on their doorstep. One aspect that really boosted its growth was the opening of Gazipasa airport that has domestic and international flights. This in turn, affected the tourism industry, and council officials implemented a plan to upgrade and rebuild infrastructure and roads to accommodate the growing interest in the town.

To give an idea of Alanya’s importance, it belongs to the Antalya district and accounts for a third of tourism in the area. Council officials have plans to increase this by diversifying nationalities of visitors and niches of tourism, so the future looks bright for the region.

Why Property Owners Like Alanya?

-Easy to get there via road, air or sea

-A cheap and frequent transport network to get around and to other places in Turkey

-Attractive prices per square meter

-Extensive portfolio of new, off-plan, and resale apartments and villas

-Many neighbourhoods to choose from

-Vibrant shopping and nightlife scenes

-Many leisure activities for tourists and locals

-Life by the seaside

-Gorgeous Mediterranean climate

-Active real estate market with a global audience should you want to sell at a later date.

-Mass long-term potential for return on investment

-A subtle blend of cosmopolitan and traditional Turkish vibes

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